Kigra Notes - 2015

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May 2015 Notes

Early Spring

<2015-05-25 Mon>

The great thing about macro photography is discovering great beauty and color right under your foot. This photo was taken just about 10 feet from my kids' bus stop in Colorado Springs. The color levels were significantly adjusted in Photoshop to achieve the overall effect. I never tire of seeing it.

Though many at first glance think of it as a flower it is actually a budding pine cone (which is probably technically a flower also). Called 'Early Spring' since it was taken in the middle of January.


Towering Majesty

<2015-05-24 Sun>

So far this is my favorite photo of Pike's Peak. Pike's Peak towers over Colorado Springs and dominates its landscapes in a way that is hard to capture in a photo. It is the intriguing and surprising way that the Peak is a part of your life. Most of Colorado Springs is around 6,000 to 6,500 feet above sea level. The Peak soars more than 14,000 feet. Yet from certain perspectives it doesn't seem so much taller. However, drive 50 miles to the east and you still see it dominating the view to the west.


Notes about the photograph: this photo was taken with the original Micro Four Thirds (m43) camera, the Panasonic G1. It is actually a series of photographs that were first combined into multiple high resolution images using PhotoAcute ( which were then in turn processed as a HDR image using PhotoMatrix ( The resulting image, after cropping, is 25 megapixels.

New Website Design

<2015-05-22 Fri>

After thinking about doing so for a long time, I've finally redesigned my website to better match my vision of how to best share my photographs and images. This new site should work across all types of devices and be responsive to multiple screen sizes.

With this redesign I have also begun going through all of my images, reorganizing them, reevaluating each and in most cases reprocessing them. The initial publication just includes a couple of my favorite images, but there are many more to come.

Still a work in progress (as it will always be)…

Date: <2015-04-10 Fri>

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